Break the cycle

Staying in school helps girls to break the poverty cycle 

Imagine yourself as a child in a developing country, trapped in the poverty cycle:

When your parents have no education, they are unlikely to have a job, which is why they can’t afford a proper education for you. This means that you are also unlikely to get a job yourself, and will not be able to pay school for your own future children. If you’re a girl trapped in the poverty cycle, you are likely to become a too-young mother, have an increased risk of complications at childbirth, and you are more prone to be a victim of violence and to contract diseases like HIV/AIDS.

How can children and families break the poverty cycle? One promising approach is to support girls. If a girl can be kept at school, it’s a benefit to her and to her family and community. She will have the chance for increased family income, and she’s likely to marry late and live more healthy. Her children, in turn, are more likely to get a quality education, and the positive development can continue.

Let’s join together and help girls in Western Kenya to break the poverty cycle. Join us at Foundation Kenya – The next step.

Girl power

Source of information: ‘Girl Power’, National Geographic

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